Sunshine® Polishing Cloth Samples

We offer a 3 3/4" x 5" (medium) samples of each of our pink, blue and yellow polishing cloths. You just pay shipping and handling. The original Yellow polishing cloths are very popular. We also now carry the softer blue polishing cloths and if you need to create a satin look the pink polishing cloths are perfect. The pink cloths have 2 different sides. One side is similar to sand paper and creates a "satin" finish then you turn it over and use the purple side to polish it.

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The tariff code for the sunshine cloths is 6307 10 0000. is a U.S. reseller.
Sunshine Polishing Cloths are Made in Japan. Sunshine® Polishing Cloth is a registered trademark of Rio Grande® Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved.